Thursday, 6 April 2017

What to Look for Before Buying LED Grow Lights

Here are some of the most important features to keep your eye on when shopping for the best grow lights for your set up.
  • What is Indoor GardeningLumens/Watts. Your total wattage required will depend on your grow space square footage. Incandescents are traditionally measured in watts, but the brightness of LEDs is determined a little differently. Lumens is the real measure of brightness provided by light bulbs and is the number to keep an eye on when shopping for LED bulbs.
  • MCPCB. A metal core printed circuit board will help keep things running smoothly at even extremely high levels of power usage. MCPCB is a space grade technology that is safe to operate at high temperatures.
  • Adjustable Output Spectrum (Color). This allows you to adjust the light output spectrum according to your plants needs. Furthermore, you can match the colors to the flowering season allowing you to simulate seasonal light changes. Your plant will think its growing in its natural habitat.
  • High Power Cooling System. High power LED lights need cooling, just like high power computer components. Whether they incorporate metal pad or a heat sink and a fan, keeping your fixtures cool is integral.
  • Type. There are many options: 2 channel lights, full cycle lights, and programmable lights. Programmable lights are by far the most advanced which let you customize spectrums, alter light intensity, and set lighting schedules. Programmable lights puts the growing process on autopilot and eliminates a lot of headaches.

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